FS USA Well worn Avon 295/50-15 tires (Free)

Just putting the feelers out there before I dismount these tires, presently at 6700 miles. Is there anyone in the Colorado area that can use a set of well worn Avon rears for mockup purposes? You can let these age out while you finish your car then buy fresh tires when you're road ready. FREE to a good home, preferably in CO so we don't have to hassle with shipping.


Hey Tom... I am not local to you, but I will take them if you would be willing to ship them on my UPS or FedEx#?
Thanks, Dave
Hi Dave, you are 2nd in line behind MHNCO. If he changes his mind, I'll let you know. Just put 700 miles on them in the past 3 weeks and I've noticed they're gripping really well at this point. Getting my money's worth out of 'em!
Hey Dave,
As far as I know Mike still wants them but I have not yet pulled them off the car. I think they're still good for a few more winter drives before I pull them off. That said, you're still in the backup position!
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