1149 Mono Replica

I might do that. She is supposed to go to an Italian Car Day at Radcliffe Motors here near Baltimore, on Saturday. If we do make it there, there will be some photos, I think. I'm going to see if I can get the Meguiar's guys to buff it for free :)
Will do. I was just over to the trimmers' and considering that their usual goal is pimping to the max, they have been commendably restrained on my car. Although they did install some sound deadening and heat shield stuff under the carpets. They say they will be done tomorrow, now we have to see about getting the car out of there and up to Reisterstown for the Radcliffe show.

The funny thing is that the show is actually fully subscribed, so I may not even get in the gate. That's okay, I'll park on the street :)
Got a look at the interior today, and it looks very good- not too fancy. We'll try to light her off tomorrow, and if the weather cooperates she'll go up to the show on Saturday.
First real drive today; up to Reisterstown, MD, for Radcliffe Motors Italian Car Day... it isn't Italian, but they let me in anyway. Only ran out of gas once (I am still figuring out the tank selection valve) Car ran fine- I didn't drive it very fast, because of traffic, rain, and still getting familiar with it. It leaks as much as my Cobra, quite a statement as the Cobra has no roof at all. The GT40s roof seems to function mostly to keep rain IN, not out :) Altogether, a very satisfactory outing- car does not overheat, engine has nice power, ZF shifts like a bolt-action rifle, brakes and steering perfect. She does scrape occasionally which I think is unavoidable. And the speedo always says 17 miles per hour. Somehow I think I'm going a bit faster than that.

Thanks to all who got me to this day, especially Ron McCall who, as always, has been better than great about working on the car, getting things sorted, and explaining how to do things.
She's up at Ron's for some service work. I'll see if I can get some. how's yours coming along, is she up on her dancing shoes yet? Waltzing Matilda and all that, whoops, wrong country. :)
Well, the Meguiar's guys didn't buff it for free. That was six years ago, and they still haven't called me back. But, seriously, folks...

My friend Ron McCall mentioned to me the other day that he'd gotten a hello from some old friends here, to pass on to me- one in the UK and one in "down under" So, hello back at you, as they say!!

I have not been on this forum in a long time, but I still have 1149, which is completed. It has been laid up getting new freeze plugs and some new parts to the cooling system, and we hope to have it running again this month, although there is only two weeks left of this month. So, we'll see how we do. I have a couple of other projects as well, so there never seem to be enough hours in the day.

Glad to see that the GT40 asylum still contains its fair share of lunatics. Best to all.