Andrew's GT Forte build.

I am as it happens Renato.

Rochester, NY but have a tight schedule otherwise I would drop in !
Body panels have been the hardest part for me so far, lots of walking around the car measuring and checking, then one part looks fine till you put the next part on and then you have to go back and start at the beginning !



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Rochester NY is a bit far from me...
I been watching your and few other builders progress with fiberglass and it seems hard. I'm trying to get mechanicals done and then will tackle the body, and learn as much as possible from you guys along the way!

Have a safe trip!



Great Work Andrew,

Enjoy yourself Stateside, I hope to have caught up a little before your back :thumbsup:

A long time since my last post but work commitments and a few DIY jobs about the house have meant i was not able to spend as much time as i wanted on the build.

Also any spare time i do get i spend in the garage working, so it leaves little time for posting updates.

However there has been progress on the car, its just not very exciting... panels, panels and more panels... but now they are finished :laugh:

Can't believe how long it took....but very very glad to see the back of them.

Stripped car out at the weekend and turned it over to refit the fuel tanks and paint the underside matt black. Then bribed a few mates with bacon rolls on Sunday morning to come and help me turn it up the right way.

Gave the garage a good really needed it. And now i am good to tidy up the topside panels and get them painted matt black also.

Then all the bits start to go back in. Feel like the build has entered a new phase now and weekends will be spent progressing rather than 3 steps forward and 2 back.



Steady as you go. It isn't so much the finished thing til you get there. So enjoy the trip along the way.

Renalto and Andrew
Fiberglass is really easy. Just stick to Youtube and you will learn all you need to get it done. Any of these series will show you all you need.

For just lay ups-The above series plus-
Look around Utube and you can find some good videos. I used these when I fractured my rear clam and had to repair it. The same goes for painting. Got a lot of those when you get there.

Re: Andrew's FrankenForte build.

It has been quite a while since my last post, but that does not mean I have been idle.

I have spent quite a bit of time reviewing the direction my build was going and the quality of the parts I was buying....mainly after talking to other builders and seeing other builders work and kits and some of the stunning work displayed by members of this forum.

For many reasons I have moved away from using my original chassis / kit supplier and moved to another manufacturer who has (in my humble opinion) provided me with a product that better suits my needs and the associated support.

Yes, its more expensive, but it is well thought out, designed, built and it fits first time when you get it delivered and that as has been a revelation !

The change in direction left me with some engineering challenges that had to be overcome and I have spent most of the last three months making some tactical changes and designing some "interfaces" between the existing chassis and the new suspension and other unsprung parts.

Now I am happy that the build is getting back on track and hope to post some pictures as the build progresses further this year.

One of the bits I have been working on is the gear shift system on the 01E.

Going with cable shift and right hand gear stick, but as gear shift input shaft is on other side of the gearbox it required some thought to transfer the movements across the gearbox.

I had looked at several offerings online, and even tried one which was a dog ! So set about drawing something myself.

With some very serious input, inspiration and ideas from John (you know who you are) I came up with a design based on a Ford ST170 gear stick, two gear cables and a series of cranks and shafts mounted to the gearbox.

The long and short of it is that after building some 3D printed mock-ups, refining the design, and then getting some aluminium parts laser cut, I have a working system.

The main mounting plate picks up on three of the spare gearbox tapped holes (10mm) and still allows access to some of the gearbox parts, hence the odd shape.

There are needle roller bearings in the small crank and needle roller / thrust bearings in the cross shaft.

Needs tidying up and some better quality ball linkages but I can get all the gears in the right order. The input connection needs to be done right as it was a bodge job to see what was needed.

The ST170 gear stick sits into the cabin area by on 52mm so I consider that a big plus.



Also while I was getting some parts laser cut I came up with a bracket to mount the alternator a bit lower.

I found it very difficult to find room to mount the alternator without it coming into contact with the rear bulkhead and at the same time giving very little room for adjustment.

Again, I drew up and printed a 3D model, then had one laser cut.

Need to give it a clean up and round some corners then make up some spacers.
The adjustment bar will come of the bottom hole.



Re: Andrew's build.

Hi guys, sorry been very slow with the updates.
Find all my spare time is either taken up keeping the Mrs happy or on the car....but work also got in the way for a couple or so months.

Have now stripped the car back to the tub and spent a good few hours cleaning it and tarting it up here and there.

Most of the service paths are cut and understood so i am hoping there is no need to drill or cut and more major holes.

First coat was an Acid Etch primer, the blue grey colour, which i must admitt i quite like. After that it has had one coat of matt black enamel which has come up nice.

A couple more coats and its ready to start going together again.



Very very neat work !!
your chassis look absolutly nice and "professional"

Your write ; matt black ? a satin coat have been more easy in the future to clean up ? specially on the engine compartment after some drive in wet days .....

you do have on top of the fuel sills waged form very similar to original ones
where did you got the panels from ?
Re: Andrew's build.

Thank you Michel, not sure i will ever be 100% happy with it unless i build another, but its 98% there.

Sills came from the kit supplier, but I am sure anyone can do it if they have a rolling machine.

The swaged flutes do however make the sill top a bit stiffer.

Andrew, who supplied your kit?
Hi Rod, the chassis came from a UK supplier, but all the panels you see and the modifications are my own.

The car was going to be built with parts from one supplier mainly, but over time i changed direction and it is now going to be a mixture, taking the best from a couple of suppliers.

All the parts are aquired, and are just sitting waiting to get bolted back on !