Calling Old Members

Joined in 2004, started reading the forum back in 99 I think.. found it after I stumbled on ERA's 40 replica site. Still read few times a week but don't post as much after I sold my SPF.. do miss that car, wish I had the space and time for it.
I'm still here, reading more often than posting. I had an addiction and had to attended ForumAA to preserve what little sanity I have left, which isn't much.

So, Hi to you old friends. :)
what Is old?

as in age, or long time members?
not important in the scheme of things, I'm still here and actually making progress I think.

Hi Ian, missed this post the first time, I'm still reading here.

Been somewhat distracted from my project as amongst other things I've been doing some kart racing and a couple of races in a friends modified BMW . Also bought an older already built Birkin 7 with a RX7 12A Mazda rotary engine, which although it looks good in the picture turned out to need an almost complete mechanical rebuild so that took most of a year. But I'm still persevering on the Canamsa project, having some parts made
and working on wishbone jigs at the moment.