CAV GT40 gen 1

Hey fellas nice to find a GT40 forum we are currently putting together a gem 1 CAV we are pretty close with it just trying to get some feedback on shifter setups. Would love to set up with rods but seems like the hot set up is cables let me know what it guys think. Thanks. I’ll post pictures of our project here shortly


Randy V

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Hello Leon, very nice build! Did you custom build these headers/collectors, or you managed to source them somewhere?
I have CAV #22 with a cable setup, but a friend of mine has a scratch-built GT40 with linkage.. I definitely prefer the linkage setup, and looking to see if I can fit that into my CAV chassis. not going to be easy though i'm affraid.

Bill Kearley

Leon, how are making out with your shift linkage? Jasper, I'm also interested in going to a rod shift linkage. I almost had it worked out on paper before I went with cables. I think it's quite doable with the RBT and a left hand drive.