CAV or SPF GT40?

Fran Hall RCR

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No lhd for a start
Wilwood brakes
Suede interior
Chassis material thickness
Control arm bearings
Cv joints
Center shift
Turn signals
Door latches
Master cylinders
Wiring harness connectors
The full list pretty long in reality
I'm sure Charley Farley or jay cushman here on the forum can help supply many of the parts needed to help the toolroom faithful get there

These are just the basics that spring to mind

Give Gelscoe or the ACO a call and get the full list of changes that need to be made to make them FIA. Compliant or tool room faithful.

Surely if you know there are differences how can you refer to the car as being tool room copies ?... No need to answer this really , just thinking out loud .

Don't get me wrong the cars are great and much respect to Jimmy for building them, but certainly not tool room faithful
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You forgot upright material as well. That said, the items you list are really just more readily available today. If I compare the monocoque they are nearly identical. The fact they used modern electrical connectors, CVs and Wilwoods does not detract from the original nature of the car. I suppose if one wants they can order RHD sill shift from SPF and tweak some odds and ends to get it exact. I'm sure this has been many a pissing contest in the past regard g this topic so I'll leave it alone and be happy I decided on an SPF and the resale and originality that it affords me over any other options.

Fran Hall RCR

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I agree
The SPF are lovely cars but not original
Or tool room.
They should be enjoyed for what they are, a replica of a great race car
as should all the replicas currently available in the market place,
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Fran, I think your car is the best bargain of all the homage cars. It's one thing to come up with the money to buy one, that's fairly easy, it's another to start with a dream, form a company and build them. That's amazing...

Charlie Farley


To follow on from Fran's observation & not wishing to upset anyone

From distant memory, starting with the interior, these
are just some of the fittings that are different to those generally
fitted to original chassis :

Dashboard gauges
Eyeball vents
Warning lights
Steering column
Pedals & pedalbox
Fuel senders in sills
Door latches & striker plates

We could then venture into the front clip area....
need i go on.

Superformance make a superb product, which is indeed closer to an original, in many respects, than any other volume replica manufacturer.
But they clearly had to make a decision to compromise somewhere.
Even FAV changed stuff back in the day. That's why it can initially seem a tad confusing when comparing the build features of two original chassis, next door to each other in the paddock.

If anyone wants to do a comparision between what they have fitted and what is a toolroom copy, i have several original and faihful copies of, on my website.
This was not intended as a plug for sales.
Aaron, which way are you going then ?
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Throw her at a corner at a 100 or so, catch it, and then mash the power peddle on exit just once and feel that baby just PULL! Better than sex! Within a lap two you will understand why it is that these cars will NEVER be a modern Porsche...........Never!
Better than sex Howard? That's a pretty strong statement. What kind of sex you having?

I get the concept though. Just trying to think of what could top that? Maybe having sex WHILE throwing the GT40 through a corner at 100 at the same time?? Talk about multi-tasking.....
if cash was not the issue then i would have a SPF over all the others. SPF is a true mono with steel roof......cut it how you like but RCR , RF, CAV blah blah blah are not in the same league, not even close, hence the resale price difference. Yes people get results with the other copies and you can make a mighty fine car out of most of them.

I just wish i could buy a SPF in kit form to break up the cost .
I'll take quality over originality, thank you. That is, unless it's a real 1960's GT40.
This thread is sort of taking on a Blah, Blah, Blah direction.
The SPF Cheerleaders are right.. SPF is a REAL GT40...that being said, I am so excited because I am going to a concert this weekend to see the REAL Beatles!!!

Randy V

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Sorry - but unless it is documented in Ronnie Spain's book as a real GT40, it is just another replica to me. Regardless of the licensing of the name "GT40" - which is a mere technicality --- You can call it by any other name (continuation, tribute, etc.) whatever you will but it is NOT the genuine article.
That said - SPF does produce some nice cars as did ERA and others which are still in production. Gelscoe would be my choice if I had the dollars and really had to have something darned near perfect to the originals..
Ahh, yes.

If you guys really enjoy these discussions, you should spend some time reading posts by Evan/REAL1 on'll keep you entertained for days and days.

Is the SPF version a perfect replica? Of course not. Is it basically the closest you can get short of a Gelscoe (at 2-3x the cost)? Yes. Can you potentially get FIA papers to compete in some events in Europe? Yes. Can any other manufacturer on this forum say "yes" to either of those last two questions? No.

How everyone values the relative merits of the different cars is going to be a personal choice. Do I like the idea of a potentially rust free aluminum or stainless chassis? Yes, but not as much as I value a steel spider over my head. Someone else may not care.

That's fine, to each his own.

I like CAV. I like ERA. I like RCR. I like Gelscoe (I'd like it better if I could afford it). But I really like SPF.

If I didn't mention your brand of vehicle, its because its a worthless POS. :)

****Obviously, I'm kidding. I can't possibly mention ALL of them. Each has its merits.
What about the Racing aspect ? SPF sells quite a few R's, when they race with the Bailey 40. the Bailey comes out on top, (according to the race results i've seen where the Bailey & SPF race together). Would you say that the Bailey is more of a pure drivers car than the SPF on the Track or is it just the driver of the Bailey is better than the driver of the SPF?
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I'm not sure that there is an answer to that question. I don't know the venues where they might both be competing, so I couldn't say for sure why. But....

Possibilities include;

1. The Bailey GT is driven by a better driver, yeah, right.
2. The Bailey GT must be cheating.
3. The Bailey GT owner doesn't value his car as much as the SPF driver, and is thus more willing to flog his car mercilessly on the track.
4. Other drivers are slowing down so much to the admire the beautiful SPF that they keep getting in the way.
5. The Bailey GT driver has more to prove.

Of course, all of this is utter nonsense. I have no idea. Maybe the changes Bailey made to their version of the GT make it a better track car. Who knows.
Not quite related but, has anyone ever done a pros and cons of gt40 vs new similar priced cars on this site? I searched but couldn't find.
Not quite related but, has anyone ever done a pros and cons of gt40 vs new similar priced cars on this site? I searched but couldn't find.
If you are comparing a GT40 to a "new" car, give it up now. You DO NOT WANT A GT40!!!!

This is not a "better value, more features" equation. This is you want to see yourself on the Mulsanne Straight circa 1966 in your mind. You want to experience the raw power and handling of the car that tamed the 24 after several misfires.

As P. J. O'Rourke wrote after he drove an AC MK IV from my dealership for a PARADE MAGAZINE article back about 1986 "Some cars take years off your life, this car takes years off your age...."


Four pages on "which is best, CAV or SPF?" - that's pretty good going and awfully civil. Do y'all remember the "which kit is best?" train wrecks we used to get many years ago? Miss those.. :laugh:
Guys, I just think the best is the type of car you are looking for. The best race car in my opinion an SPF gt40R. Never saw the tail let alone one in the padock of a Bailey, or RCR, or rarely any other manufacturer. Dennis Olthoff was a champion in his Mark II, Jim Cullen in his Mark I and I won at Watkins Glen endure group 5, Mid Ohio endure Group 5 and outright at Summit Point 4 times. If you want cheap, that's what you get. SPF has develop a close continuation of the GT40. I prefer to race close to what was built by Ford! At my age 66, I have the '40 for sale on my web site Come see the best and why!

Howard Jones

"The best race car" is the one with the most talented and experienced engineer and mechanics team working with the largest budget, supported by the most dedicated owner/funding group...................Just about ever time.

Same thing with these replicas. Hell......... give me a 2-3 hundred grand and I'll hire a team to make my old GTD into a "whatever you got" killer. The only thing left that came from GTD might be the doors but that's what happens with race cars. Then I'll put a young gun in it and it's game on.

There is no "the" best. Its which one is DONE the best. And that will ALWAYS be the deal with race cars.