Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

Larry L.

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...human interaction is scarce!

Somewhat related to that; my Mrs and I had a nice surprise when we went out for dinner on Sunday. 'Put our masks on as we approached the entry to the restaurant...'then saw a notice on the door that read in part: "Those who are fully vaccinated need not wear a mask"! ('Same was true for the servers who'd been vaccinated.)

Our masks came off instantly!

Although we both carry our vaccination cards with us all the time, we weren't asked to show 'em. They used the honor system.

This was the first time in well over a year that everything felt downright "normal" all evening long!

Stephen Ducker

Hello all,

I had my second AstraZeneca jab last Friday afternoon too. No side effects at all.
Keeping up the hygiene & precautions though, what with the new strains doing the rounds.

First motor racing for me last weekend since the Goodwood Revival 2019 ! Brands Hatch Masters with 3999 other spectators.

Regards Steve
First Pfizer tuesday 8th, any change in hairstyle would be welcome compared to the barren crop these days due for #2 on the 24th, too busy to notice any affects. Does the $5g get direct credited?
I had both jabs a month and a half ago or so and all is well. Three weeks ago masks were no longer required where I volunteer on Saturday and a week ago was the end of mandatory masks at church

Larry L.

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Yesterday was the 1st time since the C-19 "social distance" / "mask" mandates were decreed that I've seen co-hosts (5 of them in this case) on a T.V. show sitting 2 or 3 feet apart from each other around a rather small table...and none wore a mask.

'Whodah thunk' that would ever be possible again?

'Progress... ;-)