F 5000, well sort of

Well gents the big day arrived, so we loaded up and headed for the track

a quick off load, fit the race tyres and he's ready to go

one is always a bit apprehensive when facing the unknown

a couple of laps under his belt and the pace goes up slightly,

and in he comes, first session complete with out a hitch, and one very happy camper

unfortunately when I took it out for the next run nobody bothered to check the fuel, yep you guessed it 8 laps and cough, cough, splutter, bang, stop. bugger, but that was the only real problem we had all day, it goes well it stops extremely well, doesn't have any bad habits, turns in nicely and is very easy to drive surprisingly.
all it needs is a proper wheel alignment, up the rear spring rate a tad as she squats a bit when applying power out of a turn, but apart from that is very well balanced.
all in all a happy chappie. will post some in car and following car footage once I've received it and made something out of it all.
cheers and thanks for all the support , it all helped to make it happen believe me.

cheers John
Thanks guys, Ron, I built the two up trailer for him so he could take the 7 for son as well as the 5000 to the track at the same time, apparently it tows beautifully.
Hey Fran never to old to have fun mate you know that, but hell i'm not as quick as I used to be, bugger.

cheers John

Certainly something to be very proud of. Well done sir, she's a beauty and looks like she will be a blast to drive. Enjoy and safe motoring.
Hi john, went to Warwick today and met Chris, picked up the bits I bought and told him you were happy with the clutch. She does look the business and can't wait to see the movie. The Griffin boxes are well priced will be interesting to see one in a car.
Cheers Leon.
while I was in the very early stages of the build, a bloke who was visiting the factory next door saw what I was doing as he past and came in for a look, turns out he was a free lance film producer and was always on the look out for interesting subjects and asked if he could film proceedings, well I said ok, whatever floats your boat, so he did and the other night I got invited around to see a 9 min film with a totally different prospective to what I thought i'd see.
if you've got a few minutes to waste have a look.

A Picture on the Wall on Vimeo

cheers John


Well , that brought me to tears.

How to build a race car with only a cut off wheel and a shifting spanner.

Well done john , you're a credit to the industry
Thanks guys one and all, and a very merry X mass to you all where ever you are, stay safe and enjoy a prosperous new year.

cheers John

Randy V

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John, that was probably the most fabulous finale' to any build on this site...
My hat is off to you on the entire project.

Well done..