Infidels with two wheels

Would those of you who own Sport bikes please post photos of your bike?! I recently purchased this R1 and have developed heart murmur in the process. Please DO NOT post Harlys and Phat Cruisers. Anything that weights below 500lb and have at lest 100hp is in "My infidel" category. I am interested in bikes that GT40 members OWN not cool bikes on the Internet. THANKS


Ron Earp

Uh oh, not sure I can play! Mine weighs slightly north of 400 lbs, barely has 100hp, and has a Harley motor.....


The thing seems to be running a little rich....or it has blown a radiator hose. Might want to have that looked at.

The Iron Shiek's black 40 is beautiful for sure.....I've seen it in person at Howard's party and the thing is first, first class. Someone said he built it in a single car gararge ??? (stunning achievement)

Bill Hara

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Anything that weighs below 500lb and have at lest 100hp is in "My infidel" category
Hey Faili, I know this isn't modern, but it was called the 1st Superbike, weighs less than 500lbs (just) and as far as 100HP goes, I've got over 100 decibels which is very Infidel! :D