Keith Baker's Southern gt on the build

Hi jimmy, I reckon about a month because the weather here at the moment is real wet and getting colder. Got lots of fiddly bits to do.
Can't resist putting a few bits on.
I'm happy with the way the louvre grille over the rear of the spider looks, also the rear screen rubber trim adds to the clean lines.
I polished the two rear canopy lock pin plates.
I decided to fit the door lamps to the front top as opposed to the bottom of the door, just a personal preference.
I had too set the mirrors up for best vision and for me they were on the front canopy and not the doors, I can see better through the screen rather than having to turn my head.
One fuel filler cap latch touches the body, Not sure why but I'll trim 5 mm off it and it will clear.


Wow......What a very nice job. I really enjoy the cars with that Vintage look. The paint looks ultra nice.

Well done Mate and keep the pics coming...:thumbsup:
I have to say this is one of the nicest builds I have followed here on the forum. It seems everything just goes together well. I am sure there were hours angsting over details to get where you are.
I have always liked the black wheel look, and mine are that color with a nut instead of a spinner.
You must be anxious for a serious outing with the car.
Merry Christmas
Thanks Guys for you comments.
I can say that the Southern GT40 build was a joy to do and yes there's always crappy days but overall it went together well. The SGT has got to rank with the top of the bunch with GT40 relicas out there.
Fitted the canard wings, spot light surounds and of course a Ford badge today.
For some reason my central locking is having a funny 5 minutes, so will need to sort that.


indeed a very nice build and great looks with al those details and extra lamps etc, that filler cap hole was before it went to the painter ok I guess? maybe the pipe/neck needs a bit adjustment so that it fits nicely in the hole again?

those canard wings are also well in proportions? or how you say that :D I mean they look very good in the right shape.

I also see some little space in the down in the corners of the window seal? do you fill that up some way?
Hi Rene, well spotted there is a section of the windscreens that takes a different profile to the screen, this was the same with my 1st gtd. I will have to fill the small gap with a blob of sikaflex, when dry it probably won't show.
Also when they removed the screen rubber it did not go back correctly so I will re seal it later. Although the body shop did a good job they put some wiring back wrong.
Small little jobs but they all add up.
I have started to cut the rear deck fireproofing ready for fixing and have got to install the fire extinguisher system.
I reckon about a months work !
Hi Keith,
Nice job mate. Were the decals a pain to apply or not too bad ?
I'll be in the same position as you in a couple of months time and don't know whether to tackle the job myself or not. I'm going to get the stripes done by an experienced pro as there are some areas that need stretching but the roundals and decals I might tackle myself.

Hi Martin, decals were ok but the bigger ones are the hardest , any creases that can happen are virtually impossible to rectify. You don't need to be an expert but you have to plan it out correctly first and I pre marked the positions with masking tape.
I messed up one of the sev and a no.6. Race lines sev vinyls are bowed and look good. You may bugger one up but it's only a bit of vinyl.
Thanks for your comments chuck, your getting there as well,watching your build with interest.

Chris I will contact you from my work e mail it's a better Internet connection

Martin see how much it will cost to have the stripes and rounders painted on, it's not a big job and the finish will be better. I did even consider having the decals hand airbrushed but that was an arm and a leg ££££££££

Wow Keith, that thing looks perfect. You must be very proud of how the car has turned out. Let me know if you ever get bored, I know of a Tornado that needs finishing :)
Fitted the heat protection to the rear canopy and trimmed up a few edges, the spider needed a bit of a trim but the rear canopy sits flush and the trim finishes it off nicely.had a problem with the headlamps not working, it ended up being a wire connection under the dash. The indicators didn't work after it came back from paint, that ended up being a faulty flasher relay.
As I have now 4 LED and 2 bulb rear lamps I fitted an electronic flasher relay of the correct wattage. It now flashes all at the correct time intervals. Painting all the canopy panels is quite time consuming, this was done in a matt black, same as I have used on other cars, not having a shine to it looks better in my opinion.


When I wired the car originally I knew I would be making some modifications so I wrapped the wires to look ok for IVA and now I,m stripping them back and tiding them all up. I will also put just a small blob of sikaflex here and there to stop the wires flapping around.
I believe the body shop have lost a small black plastic separator in the rear lamp, it stops light from the tail lamp making the indicator look like its on.
If anyone has one or knows where I can get one let me know or I,ll just make one.running the engine and I have what sounds like a belt slipping, just another job to do !