Nicks Forte Scratch Build - to Stunning Mk1 GTD


Seem to have the wind in the sails now. The very first fluids into my lifeless creation, promptly followed by said fluids on the floor. After fixing a troublesome hydraulic coupling, now seem to have a functioning clutch. Feels right underfoot so hopefully all's well on that front. Audi gear selector cables back on. Chassis cross brace scheduled for Tomorrow to be promptly
followed by the re-fitment of the exhaust pipes.


"The very first fluids into my lifeless creation, promptly followed by said fluids on the floor."

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. The first time I cranked my engine over, I had forgotten to install an oil filter. :mad:


Another milestone. The exhaust I fabricated is now back in and everything is where it should be alignment and position wise.. All in all, a very positive weekend on the build front. I have incorporated some flexi unions so I can have a little wriggle room position wise when it comes to having the tail pipes exit the bodywork exactly where I want.




Got around to popping the Comp Cams break-in oil into the engine Today which gave me the chance to calibrate the dip stick. Remote oil filter and rad now in and the plumbing under way. Sips test fitted and now ready to test fit the front and rear clips. Finally feels like i’m getting there. Tomorrow it’s time to bleed the brakes and tidy a few odds and sods.


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As a result of deliberately seating my exhaust very low, the knock-on effect being having to move the rear ARB as it would no longer fit between the horseshoe and the exhaust. Hence managed to move it slightly rearward and a tad lower by adding two Ally stand off blocks to the chassis. Quite pleased with the solution all in all as my primary aim was to keep the exhaust as far below the rear bodywork as possible.


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So, with the rear ARB in place, time to consider how the lower rod ends on the drop links should connect to the suspension. I used threaded 7/16 info bar for my lower upright attachment to the reverse ‘A’ frame. So set about using some spare brass I had to make a 7/16 to M8 (rod ends supplied for the drop links) part. Also popped in an M5 pinch bolt to ensure all stays as set. The pics should assist. All in all, pleased with the result and length of the part helps address the slightly more rearward position of my ARB.


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Cheers Paul,

I've bought the sheet Aluminium for the panelling (£95) all in excluding the VAT, but, I'll have to cut and bend myself so that will slow me down big time.

Also taking a crack at the rear suspension myself so have ordered the steel tube and rod ends.

Pick up the engine next Saturday. I should have a video of it running in the old Lincoln and a few shots of then taking it out.

The summer will be a slow one car progress wise I think.

Do you have technical drawings for the suspension arms, I'm about to start a chassis from GT Forte and like the idea of building the suspension myself you save some money computed to bring it all from GT Forte.

Neville B

Just another 1 hours work and I will have the near side front wheel arch fully panelled and sealed. Offside scheduled for Saturday. The one regret I have to date being I didn't go for the Panel Set - decided to do it all myself.

I think in all I have probably spent more on Material this way than buying the bulk of it pre cut. Its satisfying this way but so time consuming.

I decided to spray all the outward surfaces with a stone chip resistant finish once I had the fit I wanted - seems a nice contrast with the rivets.
Hello Nick what paint did you use please, thanks
PM me you email and I will send you some stuff I have done on the 01X like CV adaptors etc

Brett, im also using a 01X gearbox to a 302 block. Any information you have would be very much appreciate. Also advice on how to set up the gear shift system when the time comes.


Hi Udo, actually, i’ve put aside around 3-4 hours Today to undertake some exhaust works. Will post as and when I finish it. Best, Nick.


Hi everyone,

Its been a while since my last build update but was forced to make a modification to my home made exhaust as two of the pipes were a little higher than needed. I've now completed these mods and also lowered the back of the engine / gearbox to provide a little more exhaust headroom.

Found the opportunity Today to re test fit the rear clip and I now have space a plenty and can soon fit my exhaust heat shielding to protect the clip.

Before and after pic's of the exhaust and in situ under the bodywork.

Dropped on the rear clip very roughly so see how things ended up and was quite happy with the results. Popped on the rear air scoops just to see how they might look but still undecided at to whether to fit or not.

All in all, that's a major headache ticked off so now to start on the rear silencers to ensure they exit the bodywork in exactly the right positions.



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Continued Today with the body components and started the rough refinement relating to the shut lines. Very early days but I'm very pleased with the bodywork quality and way its going Together. My congrats to Lee Dawson who made the bodywork in its entirety.

Hopefully, within a week or so I can start thinking about finalising the mounting points proper.


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Ian Anderson

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Looking good Nick. Fit the windscreen as that may also cause other sections to “adjust” and then it is start again time!



Looking good Nick. Fit the windscreen as that may also cause other sections to “adjust” and then it is start again time!


Yep, I've temporarily popped on my windscreen just to see how things are sitting. Making progress but taking it slow, fitted the passenger door earlier Today so a little fettling around that section now. I think that by the end of the upcoming weekend I should have things pretty much sorted.