Problems connecting to or Problems Posting

Randy V

Lifetime Supporter
If you are having troubles connecting or posting, please do some ground work ahead of time before reaching out to Ron or I for help.
1) Are you having troubles with any other websites?
2) Reboot computer - many issues are resolved with a fresh operating system / memory / connection.
3) Open your browser and go into the privacy settings or security settings to Delete all Cache and Cookies - this resolves a good 75% of problems alone.
4) Run a virus / malware scan on your computer - Many times there are malware "bots" running on a machine that slows processing, interrupts threads, causes general havoc.
Obviously, if you can't connect to us, you can't tell us you're having a problem. Try reaching out to a friend to see if he/she can connect to ....
I'm on the site at least twice per day and sometimes more. If it is down, I know who to contact and rest assured I will do so immediately.
Thanks for your partnership in helping everything run smoothly here on

Ron Earp

Good post Randy. The site is very stable and I think we now have an "uptime" exceeding 365 days.

In shorthand, if there is a problem it is probably on the client end.