Show Me Your Weber Setup!

Putting webers on my CAV GT sometime after it arrives and I understand many run some sort of reversion plate above the webers (aluminum or plexglass etc) that stabilizes air coming in through the vents and like to see some examples if anyone is running one? When I had bought my GTD GT40 back in 2005 it had a plexglass piece over the carbs and I actually took it off not knowing what it was really there for..........
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Mike Pass

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The plate above the carbs is an anti reversion plate. With many types of Webers the inlet tract acts like a musical instrument and a resonance is set up at certain frequencies ( engine rpm). When this occurs you see a stream of fuel droplets coming OUT of the carb. Without the plate this fuel would disappear and not go into the engine which would lean out the mixture and so the mixture fed to the motor would be wrong. The anti reversion plate stops the escaping fuel droplets from getting away from the carb area and they get sucked back in. The plate also helps to prevent people dropping foreign objects into the open bellmouths.
Gary, you might find you have very little room between the top of the webers and the glass rear screen on your CAV, particularly if you have an Audi transaxle - using an audi tends to tip the rear end of the engine upwards due to the relationship between the input shaft and output shaft. With IDFs you may have room, with IDAs it gets very tight.

This assumes you're not going to be using an air filter of any kind of course.

Randy V

The amount of reversion (if any at all) will be a direct result of the overlap in the camshaft you've chosen. My cam has 115 degree lobe centers and virtually no reversion.
My CAV has a ZF with Ford 351w/408 Stroker. I'm putting Italian Webers (48 IDAs) on it. The cam center lobe is 110. I'm getting it from Augie Delgado in Ca who is also setting them all up and he said I'm good with the 110 but wouldn't want anything around 108 and down. I've heard great things about Augie and a friend of mine out there has had 3 sets of webers setup by him. He also did a 1966 GT350R Replica with a 347 I had back in 2006 I bought from a guy in Ca. Should have the webers in another week and the car was picked up yesterday in NJ and in transit to me here in Dallas scheduled to arrive Wednesday.

Randy V

Here is mine - although I still have to build some appropriate linkage and a turkey pan or some sort of shielding for heat...
BTW, in case you think that the wide 115 degree lobe centers won't make power, my 10.3:1 331 CID engine produced 414 HP and 430 TQ on the dyno.. It just doesn't idle like a top fuel dragster or have other unruly manners.. Well at least not on the dyno..

Hmmmm... Uploads are failing.. Will check into that..

Here is another image with the system assembled on my dummy engine
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Thank You. The turkey pan was fabricated by ERA. Jim Inglese only lives about 25 minutes from me and tweaked the Webers about 2 years ago and they have been perfect ever since. They really preform well and you can't beat the look through the rear window.
The car has Goodyear racing slicks with the tread cut in by hand. 23.5x10.5x16 front and 27x14x16 rear. I ended up buying two extra sets thinking they were to be discontinued, but they are still being produced. The car has the 1075 flare option. 77.8" wide in the rear as opposed to the 70"' inches that the standard GT40 has.