Sold My GT40

Well, it was a very hard decision but I decided it's time to trade in the boyhood toys and get responsible. Our local Toyota dealership is having some great deals on new 2010 Prius's (not surprising given the recent negative press). The owner of the Toyota dealership also owns a local Ford dealership where I've stopped by with the GT40 several times and he has admired the car and repeatedly asked if I wanted to sell it (2002 CAV).

I've been feeling guilty about the poor mileage, and the lack of any emissions controls on the CAV and, well, with four kids, what's the point? So we did a deal: the GT40 straight across for two new Prius's, one in light blue and one in tan, for me and my wife respectively.

The Prius drives just fine for a family car and will get better mileage on the way to work and around town and will obviously have a dramatically smaller carbon footprint. This means a lot to me.

I'll miss the GT40 and you all, but I feel good about this change and think it's for the best. I figure the monetary saving alone justify it, and will allow me to be more generous with charitable contributions to my favorite charities - Greenpeace, the ACLU, the Coalition for Gun Control, and Rights for Immigrants.

I just wanted to say thank you to you all, and just let you know that if you see a guy in a light blue or tan Prius waving to you as you pass by then give a friendly wave back.


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Plus the car you chose actually is very harmful to the planet do to the nickel that the battery requires. The carbon footprint is the same as a Land Rover.


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Congratulations on your trade Cliff, will you be joining the league of homosexual rights activists as well?
The Prius will be scarier too drive than your GT40, specially with the sticky gas pedal. ha ha
"TOYOTA, Moving You Forward....................................................................................................


Or the one a late night host used, "Ford, because Toyotas trying to kill you!!"
What's the difference between a Prius and a GT40?


If the gas pedal sticks on your Prius, you die.

If the gas pedal sticks on your GT40, you win. :)

Might as well off yourself. :laugh::laugh::laugh:

But do it in the deep woods of the Cascades and take your Priuses with you!

I was wondering if Chuck was going to wow us this year like the past couple with his cup holder and noise reduction system.

You said it like a true Seattle tree hugger.