Team QRP

Big weekend for the SLC faithful. Team QRP is heading down to Buttonwillow for some sprints and a 3 hour enduro Sat night. Our friends/teammates at Agile Auto with Dan Raver motorsports will be debuting their SLC at NJMP on the east coast. Also, co-drivers Mike Skeen and Ryan Eversley will continue their quest in Pirelli World Challenge at Long Beach. Wishing good luck to all, and I'll try and hold up my end at BW.

Successful weekend for the QRP Team, and driver Chris Durbin.
Overall victory in the NASA 3hr Enduro Race @ Buttonwillow, CA
Chris drove the entire 3 hours, and had almost a 2 lap lead on the entire 50 car field.
Get a few more winglets on the front of that thing and you'll be a match for the current Indy Car aero package! :clown:

( sorta looking like the Eagle Toyota GTP car of yore....)
Busy summer @ QRP

Getting ready for NASA West Coast Nationals @ Laguna Seca this weelend. Some stiff competition for our endurance spec SLC. 45 cars in our run group. Come on out if you can, should be over 300 cars Fri, Sat Sun.

Probably a tall order for a relatively heavy enduro spec car.
45 car SU grid, I may have to go check this out.

Thanks for the heads up Ted.