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Fran Hall RCR

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Great to have you guys as part of the team.......we are going to have some fun,
The first Le Mans is the actually the factory demo car though.
Great to have you guys as part of the team.......we are going to have some fun,
The first Le Mans is the actually the factory demo car though.
Which will be when? :p

So I guess that's it then, I need to purchase one to boost the numbers in Texas and take back the SL-C State Crown......

But seriously, have guys like you not only purchasing an SL-C but switching from other competition really does speak volumes to the car's potential.

Like I said Fran you better hope your servers and website are ready for when it appears on TV....
Very Cool Ted! Sounds like you not only decided to go racing, but you also made a statement about how serious you are about it. The SLC makes a Sweet racer. And the LeMans version is nothing but cool!

Good luck in your efforts!

The Stig
Congrats on the the purchase. I can't wait to see a few of these cars ripping around the track together.

Any room for occasional volunteers on the team?
We are really looking forward to this new challenge. A lot of preparation & work ahead. We appreciate all the support, & there is always an open invitation to come hang out with us anytime.
We still will be supporting & helping our friends at Team PDG & their GTM-R, & congratulate them on their 4th overall finish at this years 25hrs of Thunderhill.



A bit off topic, but dare I ask where the "QRP" comes from? Any amateur radio operator will recognize that as the morse code abbreviation for "low power."
As Ted said we are excited about the endeavor and very pleased to be working with Fran, a nice chap who is high on quality and low on B.S. We plan to take what we have learned and hopefully hit the ground running and represent the car, Fran and QRP very well. I'm confident in the team that is assembled already but we won't turn away anyone who wants to pitch in and help out as we don't claim to know everything and different experiences and views are welcome. We are taking this effort very seriously but also will make sure we have fun. Work hard. Play hard.

Very encouraged also by being accepted here with open arms. It's been called the 'dark side', but it worked for Pink Floyd and Darth Vader.

I'm glad we are a part of it, whatever its called.
Welcome to both you and Ted! We are more a "black hole" than "dark side" as anyone from other forums that get too close are drawn in by RCR's massive gravitational pull! :thumbsup:

I hope to learn from your build(s) and experiences.

Fran Hall RCR

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Not unless you have a full race cage Ricco....with the race cages we were requested by NASA to attach he rear roll cage legs to that area of the chassis as opposed to the rear billet chassis upright...
Can you post some pics of the LeMans roll cage and how the front bars present themselves. I'm very interested in seeing how they will show in a dual purpose car. Yes, Fran a trip north will happen sometime, but I have my boys on weekends so that's a long trip for them without reward.
I was over to visit Ted last weekend, I can say they are doing some nice well thought out work over there. A couple of neat products are being developed for performance/track car crowd as part of the process. :lipsrsealed:

And that LeMans looks pretty frikken cool in real life. Like the roll cage design, flows nicely with the swoop of the car.