Anyone out there still riding motorbikes.

Ron Earp

Still riding and want to go try one of these:


I was intrigued by that movie "Charge" about the electric bikes at the Isle of Man TT. Zero has been steadily improving their electric bikes and the latest one has about 170 city range, around 90 miles highway. It might make an ideal commuter and motorcycles are the perfect test bed for electric technologies due to a variety of factors.

The days of internal combustion engines are numbered. A Sanford team recently created a working prototype of a elemental lithium anode battery (not Li as the electrolyte), which is sort of the goal for electrochemists and would quadruple, or even higher, higher the energy density of batteries. Looking forward to seeing what the new generation of hot rodders accomplishes.
Survived Ducati trackday @ Hockenheim last week.


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Larry L.

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The days of internal combustion engines are numbered.

Somehow I just can't picture anyone 'popping the hood' (so to speak)...'looking at a metal cylinder (motor), a battery(s), and a host of wires and 'black boxes' and going "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"..."Oooooooooooooh!"..."Wow!"..."Dang, that's impressive!" :shrug:

On top of that, how 'kool' will it be to 'hit the ignition' and hear..........................absolutely nothing. :sad:

Reflecting on things like this almost makes me glad I'm 70...:skull:
Here is my 2004 Triumph Bonnie...some mods added recently. A very nice ride for the roads of southern Oregon.


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Pete McCluskey.

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I wish I still had all of them, Triumph Tiger, Triumph Thunderbird, Ariel Square four, Triumph Boneville, Vincent HRD, BSA 650, Norton Dominater.
End of season trackday @ Anneau du Rhin, France:


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David Morton

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Please don't damage the 1098. I have to ride it to Graz and Imola and back again in the springtime. ps does it have a heated gloves facility?
Though I´ll take her to the Valencia track in March you have my word that I´ll not only look after her but will also fit a heated handle bar and a seat cushion for you ;)
Getting the OW01 ready for my first race on her in 15-plus years. The OW will be used to battle the Brits on Winfield RC30s in the event, should be a great time.


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If any of you motorbike types will be at the Phillip Island International Challenge races on the 24-25 of this month drop in the Team USA garages and say hello! Its a fantastic event on the level with the Monterey Historic auto races, except with bikes.

Rob Mesa
Yamaha TZ750


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Randy V

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I wish I could ride one of mine right now... Alas it has warmed only to -2 here today and riding is simply out of the question for these old bones...

I will be selling off a couple of my bikes in the spring.
Honda CBX 1000 and a Victory V92C

I'll still have two left though...