Haynes GT40 manual

Hi Guys,
I've mentioned this elsewhere on the site ....... but in case you miss it ...... the book shop 'The Works' in Great Yarmouth has the Haynes GT40 Owners' Workshop Manual on sale for a stunningly low £6.
Maybe other branches have stock as well. I imagine that once they're gone that will be it, so act quickly.
Happy shopping !

Dave Hood

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Here is a photo of the table of contents. Hopefully you can read it.

I have a hard copy version of the book. It's an interesting read and talks a lot about the history of the car. The descriptions and photos of the cars are at a very high level, however. It's not an actual workshop manual, for sure.



Ian Anderson

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Hello GT40 Community

I mentioned this to my wife and she picked up the last three copies from the shop in Edinburgh.

So if anyone wants one post up here.

I'll do a deal the cost is £6, Probably about £2 for a Jiffy bag and whatever post to your home address. Or I am going to LMC and can take it there.

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