Nicks Forte Scratch Build

Finally feel like I'm making some serious progress. Spent a few hours Today checking the body alignment. With only the front and rear clips to properly seat down to the sill tops and a few mm's to trim off the bottom of the passenger door, all's looking like its finally paying off. Shut lines all looking good.


A little progress this weekend. Have been focused on the final body alignment prior to mounting the front and rear clips onto the parrot beak hinges. A little trimming to the passenger door (a few mm here and there) and checking the shut lines all around. All in all a slow pace given just how hard it is at this stage to undo and mistakes. Very happy with things at this stage with next weekend looking to the hinge placement.


Finally bit the bullet Today and settled on my final Spyder position along with the doors. Once all these were fixed for the final time it was a case of dealing with the hinge positions for the rear clip. A real challenge of a job when your alone but after a couple of house, it all came Together as I wanted with all the shut lines nailed.

With the rear clip now easy to open, I can set about fabricating the rear exhaust components allowing the tail pipes to exit the rear bodywork exactly where I want and central.

If the rest of the Holiday weekend goes as well as this last few hours, I'll be well chuffed !


Quite a lot of progress since my last post. Now have the front clip on and aligned just as I wished and its all looking good with all the body components on and in place so just some gentle fettling to get all the gaps looking good.

Popped the two SGT silencer casings in this afternoon and set the angle's etc. to the rear and tack welded in place. Will firm up Tomorrow. Have had the silencer casings sitting around for over 2 years so they will need a little rub down before the silica based coating goes on.

Then I'll pop on the chrome end pipes to complete.

Progress is slow but steady.


Following on from Yesterdays progress it was time to finish welding up the silencer casings, remove the two years of storage surface rust etc. and then prep. Now duly shortened to the right length and then suitable primed and painted with a 2000 degree F Silica based coating, all's looking good. Now just the case of popping in the internal metal baffles and glass wadding to make them suitable for the eventual UK ministry of transport tests. Hopefully, that's another job done and dusted.


Have now taken the next step of suitably stuffing the silencers with a sound deadening material and mounting all items to check if my measurements meant they would duly exit the rear clip exactly as planned. Long story short, this is a job I seem to have got about as good a result as I could have hoped for. Yep, I could have saved myself a stack of agro and simply purchased an exhaust off the shelf which would probably have got me 90% there but its a scratch build and I intended to do as much as I could when I started out. Well chuffed ;-)


I just signed up to the forum and went through all the pages of your build. top notch. i have been wondering, the steel used for making the frame was of what grade ? was everything you built done with seemless tubing? in your opinion a 4.0 ltr rover v8 is a good basis for such a car?

Ian Anderson

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Glenn, perhaps I can answer that one for Nick.
I gave a car with a Morgan (Rover block) 3.9 full race engine by John Eales. Cost in total £10k, it runs fuel injection and gets 250 hp as it has Been dyno’d. For 2/3 of that you would get a Ford 302. And in a Ford GT40 should it not have a Ford engine?
When you come to sell your price will be lower than a car with a Ford in it.

That said I cannot bring myself to get the Morgan motor out!