RF #12 "Race" Chassis

I guess the only way to know if RF or DRB is better is to get them both on the track. I'll even wait till you have your big motor in and running to give you the advantage. Can't get fairer than that!

Looking good...
time for more go......

i am planning on swapping out the stock 302 for a 414 stroker motor and changing out the 016 for an 01E. I have a heap of stuff for sale, 8 stack, cross over exhaust, 016, adapter kit, driveshafts. So keep an eye on the for sale section.
Good news

I have bought an used 01E 6spd from Fran at RCR. Frans says the trans is near new so hopefully i just need to install LSD center and it should be right to fit.
Now i just need to sort an adapter kit.....


Was nice to read this thread. I was just deciding whether to get a RF GT40 or not. Looks good and I can say Adrian has been very helpful down there for me. Willing to do some work to make things easier for me, like have the alloy sheets fastened in correct places with 2 screws on the chassis then when I receive it, just have to drill the rest where is and rivet on. Can also do the body for me when chassis completed so I do not ruin that part.

Also seems I am not the only one with that green idea. You used the green I thought, you did the tail lights how I thought with the blinker in middle and used the same grill in back that I thought. Very nice car!
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RF have first class service. Adrian and Paul are fantastic.
I always know that they are there to help out. I had a few issues with rego and Paul sorted required paper work and advised on what was required to pass emission tests which got me over the line.

My car is 1967 ford mustang highland green, i love it.
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new side stripes....


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With nearly a 1000k's of driving on the car now ,I am thinking of taking RF12 off the road and carrying out some upgrades. The car has run faultlessly and been a real pleasure to cruise in. Check the pic out, the car barely makes the boot lid of the car in front.

list is
6spd conversion
414 Stroker Windsor
15 inch wheels and baggy AVONS.


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Some progress with the car, the new motor is installed, broke the cockpit rear window wrestling the motor in.

Motor is a 351 Windsor with a 408 stroker kit installed, afr 205 heads retro roller cam and TWM 8 stack.

Just need my adapter kit to turn up, make a new exhaust, new shifter, new driveshafts, fit 6spd and tune motor.....stopped working on the car to help the Missus for a minute which turned out to be a trip to the hospital for stitches and looks like a few weeks off work for me, put a knife most of the way through my thumb.....bugger.


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motor fits ok, need to make a new rear access panel with a hump to clear waterpump pulley...


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Sorry about your accident(been there, done that). Hope you missed the nerve. On happier notes, you will really enjoy the new set up. You have almost exactly what I have on my car. The one exception that I felt was truely necessary, was the internal balance of the engine. I have my motor solid mounted to the frame and there is no vibration what so ever. You will be surprised at the power you have just upgraded to. It is the most power I have ever felt in a car. Almost overpowering. Be sure you match the ports from the intake to the heads. It is a big change in size. It will allow the air to flow much more smoothly without turbulence. If you don't like the hump in the firewall, take the pump off and go electric. It will add more HP to the engine(not that you will need it). Just one less mechanical piece and belt to worry about. What are you doing for ignition?? Electronic or mechanical? I chose FAST EFI and XIM. Went with a distributor(you can go with coils) and locked it out and used the electronics to control everything. You can use the FAST system to control almost everything you have, fans, pumps, traction control and more things than you can think about, and you have the ability to run several programs with the system. Drive to the track, and with a laptop change to a race mode for the track and then change it to street mode for the drive home. Tune ups will become a thing of the past.

Hi Bill
my motor is internally balanced as well. I was running an 8 stack on my 302 previously fitted to the car. The ECU i run is called a Microtech, i use a Mallory daul sync dissy for reference and MSD 6AL for spark . The 302 ran really well with the Microtech and i think the 408 will just need a trim in mixtures and it should be fine. I kinda planned to get the efi working well on the old motor before fitting the new motor. Looking forward to driving the car and hopefully the 408 is as good as people say.

A couple of extra weeks off work isn't a bad result! Was chatting with my dad over the weekend, who said he'd love to see how RF12 turned out. Might get him to drop off the exhaust gear if you'll be around for a while.
Hi Troy

Yeah get your Old Man to drop in, although the car looks a bit sad at the moment......I also have your Tacho here which i can give to him. Later in the week would be good.
Now that's taking the 'get out of work to work on the 40' to the extreme :lipsrsealed:
Nice work on the engine by the way. Hope the injury doesn't slow you down too much

Spent the day sorting the race front and rear suspension. Front is all dialled in now, starting with 8 deg pos caster and 2.75 deg neg camber at ride height. So just need to set toe and that's done. I would like to race the car next year in the VSCC and some hill climbs and track days. I am also thinking of maybe entering some circuit racing events as the RF is listed in Marque series 2B class. Food for thought as I have a CAMS approved roll cage. I had the standard front end(arms) on the car and although it drove fine it seemed to break into understeer pretty quick. Glad RF2 has sorted this on the new cars.....

I had a problem with the rear suspension lower links binding on full droop but I think i have solved the issue with some new shock mount brackets.

Going to try and sort as many issues as possible while I wait for the adapter kit.

Has anyone ever tracked Bob's Vintage BRM style wheels? Would they be up to it? think I'm more worried about the the spinners failing or coming loose.
Still waiting for my 302 to 01E adapter kit from A&E Automotive so no progress yet.

I Have been investigating upgrading the 016 I have with 944 internals as I want to get my car back on the road ASAP . Also while waiting for my new adapter kit I have found that the 01E bolts up to my KEP 016 adapter plate and if I use a later model audi clutch plate it seems to fit in the flywheel and work with 01E inputshaft splines. So if you have a 016 KEP kit it seems all you need is a new spigot bearing holder to allow for the shorter input shaft, A new later model Audi clutch plate to suit the different 01E input spline and machine/mill a locator dowell in the alloy adapter plate as the bolt holes are the same but one of the locating dowels are in a different place.


016 has a 24 spline ~20.4 dia input and 18 dia spigot which protrudes the bell face by 16 mm
01E /012 is 23 spline ~24 dia and 15 dia spigot which intrudes the bell face by 8 mm