RF #12 "Race" Chassis

Looking good.
I am right behind you in respect to the exhaust and startup, just plugging away.
All your body fixings look really good, and I hope I do as well on the exhaust.
Merry Christmas
Just an update on RF 12, It's at the paint shop. Ford Highland Green is the colour. You can follow the paint job on face book under Gas 78 Industries.

Hopefully should have car back by end of week.


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I think the white is a good color contrast. If you don't want something quite so bright you might consider something more subdued like a Copper or even a shadow color. Love the way your color came out.

Just an update, car is nearly done. Interior is mostly finished and just small finishing touches need doing.

I love the colour, it changes during the day. I can't wait to get out on the road.

The first pic is my favourite......It's kinda like a Panther hiding in the shadows.....


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Will be good to get plates on it. This car has waited along time to turn a tyre. I could always post it back to you Troy ,RF#12 will be looking for a new home.........
Finally got some number plates for RF12. After all these years sitting in sheds and patios she is finally free.

The emission testing was not easy but we got there. A big thanks to Paul at RF for all the advice.
Was a great day.....Had a 100km trip in the 40. The Chittering loop has lots of winding roads and hills and valleys ...it's first official finished drive.......The roar of the 8 stack.....how sweet are those trumpets. banging gears at 6200rpm.....I am really happy with the RF , it has a solid feeling on the road and very point and squirt. Next is some upgrades and a Supersprint or track day.



Both DRB and RF make fantastic cars. Both drive well and I don't think anybody would disappointed in either car.

Dave Hood

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Beautiful car, Dave. Do you have air filters for your induction system? I'd hate to see dust and dirt get into your new engine.

Where are you located in Australia? I lived in Hobart for five years.
I'm in Perth West Australia
I don't run filters, I just live with the fact the motor will wear out earlier than normal so I can stare at those trumpets in the rear view mirror......the sacrifices we make.....