Rumbles SLC Build

The Charlotte Spring AutoFair was last weekend. Its one of the largest shows in the country with thousands of hot rods, muscle cars, classics, etc.

Chip Foose was the honorary Grand Marshal of the event and chose my SLC for Best Paint.

I'd met Chip a few years ago at his shop in Huntington Beach, CA. It was good to see him again. I consider Chip a personal hero, as one of the top builders.

Hot Rod Madness is an online video series featuring custom and unique cars along the South East region of the USA. They were at the recent Charlotte AutoFair and did a short segment on my SLC.

Click here to view the video

OOPS: I mentioned the SLC's NASA racing history, but said 2011 instead of 2012. :bigcry:

BTW, the "phone book" under my arm is my build journal that is available on amazon
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While I was at RTM Productions in Nashville, TN for the Velocity Channel PowerNation video shoot, I also did a segment for their internet program called PowerNation Garage.

The PowerNation Garage segment was published this week. Here is the -> video link

It includes another shameless plug for my SLC Build Journal on Amazon

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My SLC has been sponsored by Zendex Tools for an exhibit booth at SEMA 2017. Zendex Tools is the company that builds/sells the GoJak product. GoJaks are a great jacking system that places a cradle jack under each tire and allows you to rotate your car or move it sideways in your garage.

My SLC will be displayed at SEMA sitting on a set of these GoJaks.

I'll post my booth's location on Monday 10/30/17 once I get settled.

Are any of you going to SEMA?
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We had a long drive across the mid-West yesterday. We finally grabbed a hotel late at night somewhere in the southwest territory.

From our waffle at breakfast, we are pretty sure we are in Texas


Randy V

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I'd love to go to SEMA someday....
I have a set of skates similar to those your car will be on. I like the tire rollers on yours better than mine.
Please post pics!

Larry L.

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We made it to Vegas!

Here is my SLC in Valet parking at the NYNY hotel.

What is the tiny sliver of "white" on the floor under your car (roughly amidships)? There's another far smaller one a couple feet forward of that.

'Slivers of light? 'Electrical 'plug-ins' in the Floor? Reflections in the paint? What...?

'GORGEOUS shot of the car regardless!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Congrats for being able to bring the SLC there to show it off. My good buddy owns a local speed shop so he's taking his employees to SEMA. I kindly asked him to go take some more pictures of your car for me. :)
I'm settled in the Las Vegas Convention Center for SEMA. I'm the Grand Lobby, just down the ramp from SEMA Central.

The Grand Lobby is a long corridor between the Central Hall and the Meeting Rooms. See the attached map.