SouthernGT No8

Martin, That looks the Muts Nuts, love the colour the black inserts suit it well. It's like Marmite you either love it or hate it.
And I love it.
Well done
Great looking car. I bet if you told people what colour you were going to paint it before hand they would never know how great it would look. It just looks right on the 40. V. NICE INDEED!
Refitting is a very satisfying stage of the build, it all comes together very quickly now.
Been there, done it, got the tee shirt as they say.
Jolly good job old boy !

Been clearing the garage out myself as the car should be back from SGT this coming week and I'm bringing it home, not back to my works.
Hi Martin... It took me only an hour to read this thread from start to finish... how come it took you four years to build it??!!! Well done.. the workmanship was second to none when you showed me around the unpainted car last year. Don't go prangging it at the Manx Classic now you've painted it. Best Wishes.. Andrew P.S. the GTD I sold was written off on the buyer's second trip out in it. The front leg of the roll cage saved his life as he hit a tree sideways. However, I would advise proper roll cage padding, especially at forehead height, as I have on my Subaru rally car.

Glenn M

Car looks great Martin, fantastic. In fact I'm banking on it being so nice it's going to add a couple of seconds to your time on the Isle of Man for fear of scratching it!

Thanks for all your comments, unfortunately the paintwork is so smooth its going to knock seconds off my time. Slow me down, don't be daft!!!

I think I have found the right Martin I hope!
I'm Carl - the new guy hoping to join the club from Lytham St Annes - we chatted last night at the Dog Inn pub if you remember?

If I've got it right, can you let me know please? If not apologies for any confusion.

I'm very interested in the Southern GT as my next project.

Hows the car looking now, you must have refitted most of the trim by now.
Post a picture or two !
Mouth wateringly yummy Martin.
Just the right amount and size of the decals.
Even been on circuit with the car according to the ciruit map on the door ! You have been busy...

Looks a treat mate , well done

Randy V

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All the Candy and Metallic colors are nice - but nothing beats the simple and pure to allow the true beauty of the GT40 to really shine...

That is absolutely stunning!
Simply stunning. Linden green just looks so right on these cars, you've done an amazing job Martin. There is only one problem, we need more pictures