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Thanks to Ted, Don and crew who've put together a show quality race car. I almost threw up when I took her through the grass but now she's officially a race car. To be running quicker in 6 sessions on track than a car that's been six years in development is a testament to the build. We are only scratching the surface of what is possible in this machine. I don't know how many first builds can say they clearanced a fender and only had a fuel delivery hiccup while setting fast laps in first two races and sitting on the pole. Well done lads.

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Well done guys,

its quite an achievement to have such minor issues on a maiden voyage.

I hope the other guys enjoy their time in the spotlight as I fear it will be short lived from now on...

There is certainly lots more left in the drivers and the car
Love that color of blue for a race SL-C. Can't wait to see the finished livery. That front spoiler looks like a regular hazard in race traffic. Very tired of watching video laps around THill. LOL! Laps behind a pace car? Come on.
Overall,.. a really great car. Nice job.

What engine does this one have?
That's a very cool setup Ted. Great race report. I like the front splitter/ wing idea. Does that have an airfoil cross section?

I have been thinking of borrowing this concept from the time attack cars. I was just wondering how you guys implemented it.

Ted and Don,
You guys are bad asses! It is a testament to your quality work and your resolve to make every challenge faced, RIGHT, the first time. Hell of a result fresh out of the build garage! Cary said the car was running but, I didn't know it was FINISHED, wow, wow, wow.

Damn fine job, I gotta get over and check it out.

Hey, what's with the GTM cutting the second ess every lap?? :)
BTW: You guys are cheating, real men use the ''Cyclone'' turn 5 and only two wheels at that :helmet:

Hey that looks like Will's car color now!
What, Jack? Captain America scheme? :) Actually I really like the current paint on the GTM, looks great.
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Whats the story with those wing endplates? Are you trying to get it as close to the bodywork as possible? Maybe trying to get a little downforce bonus from the upturn at the rear of the bodywork?

I guess the rule book for the series is pretty much unrestricted with wings?
Congratulations Chris on a hell of a first showing. The 25 is shaping up to be a heck of an event this it is every year.

Best of luck to you.
Thanks everyone for the comments, much appreciated. We had a great time building the "Mistress", have lots to do yet.

We will be racing at Sonoma Raceway Sept. 28-29th, so everyone come out & check her out in action!

Dash looks like an RLC Micropod display. Ted, did you get the CAN bus to connect with GM ECU or did you have to use separate sensors?

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Somewhere there is a Pikes Peak car missing its wings;)

Beautiful car, love the color, I'll try and make it out if I can figure out which track:

Sears Point
Pacific Raceway
Infinion Raceway
Sonoma Raceway