Team QRP

Tim, Doc, that is an RLC Micro Pod Pro unit. We have 2 expansion modules, 1 with can bus, we monitor some ecu channels from the bus & some with direct channels.
Don's latest version of adjustable pedal assy.

Complete ECU, harness, & relays.

QRP rear sway bar, AP air jacks.

LS3/525, with stock tune, custom QRP fuel system.

Tim , the seat is a custom Kirkey lay-back design per QRP specs. You should sit in it & see if you like it.

Yes Guys, I know that Sears Point has an identity crisis, I actually was there opening day 1971, for the Indy car race, talk about being old!
Looking forward to seeing everybody Sept 28-29th.
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? What Lateral and longitudinal G forces do you register? Just curious in that car with slicks. Also, on the front splitter/wing do the end plates make a big difference? Did you find you needed to do any aero balance to control understeer or oversteer and at what speeds does it change? On my junk car below 60 oversteer, 60-100 balanced and 100+ understeer. Rear wing works well so I am trying to add some more front downforce to balance it out. Just curious how your drivers respond.

BTW- great work on the car.

One other thing we just changed that is a good tip I try to pass on is that we changed our fuses to circuit breakers so we can just hit the switch if anything ever happens on track if we have that odd short that can kill the car, get towed in, put new fuse in and it works just fine. Took 3 races to figure out where it was coming from and really really was stressful. If we would have had circuit breaker, hit button and keep on going and figure out later. Still finish the race and we were in the lead in two of those times when we needed to get towed in.
All loaded up & heading to Sears Point in the morning for a weekend of NASA racing. Should be great weather so come on out & check out the "Blue Mistress" & have some fun at the races.
Ted, look forward to seeing you Don and Cary at the track. Dont make em cry too much before we get there I wanna see that first hand ;)

Dave, we will be headed to Sears on Sunday. BTW Howard, we will be headed to Sears on Sunday :)
I am in a marginal cell area so cannot call in the details today, I'll call you tomorrow.
I had fun. Chris had fun. Ted and Don seemed to enjoy themselves. The car worked pretty good. Still working out some bugs. 20 min warm up, 20 min qualifying and a 30 minute race. The tires we went out on for warm up were crap(old used tires). Next set way better. Ted is truckin home to get more tires and a new exhaust gasket. It looks really good with the orange wheels and trim pieces. Down on power some. might be an ecm issue. We're going to do it all again tomorrow.

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Anybody notice the side view mirrors.... camera's??
Wow! Anxious to hear more about this. I know Elon Musk has been working with on his Tesla automobiles, displaying the images on the big 17" video screen that they already have in the dash. Seems like you could use some type of a "heads-up" display to allow you to see the sides and rear without taking your eyes off the track. Better aerodynamics/less drag than side-mirrors as well. For track-only, perhaps a wide-angle rearview camera is all that you would need?? Maybe this is already being done, and I just don't know about it.
I was hedging bets on how long it would take for someone to notice we run no mirrors.

I thought it was plain as day in the Aug 21 images from Thunderhill on the 3rd page of this thread.

But then again a Video Monitor up a few post on #63 should have been a give away.

I guess when the sticks are bright orange instead of base aluminum they are a stand out.
Weekend at Sears turned out well for Team QRP & owner/driver Chris "Big Dawg" Durbin. Sat started a little rough, as Chis was scheduled in from Pittsburg, later in the day. Team driver Darrell Anderson, got a chance to drive the SLC in the morning warmup. We tried a different tire package, (used) that turned out to be drastically bad!, Darrell was hanging on for dear life as there was zero grip. DA was not to sure what he was getting into, as the car would not turn, stop, or accelerate. We knew right away what to do, as we put the tires from Thunderhill back on, & made a few adjustments to the aero. Darrell went back out for quali, & realized this is a good car after-all. Ran a 1:48, which is okay, but the motor was really laying down. Chris showed up, jumped into the car cold turkey, & started from the pole, (he hadn't driven SP in about 4 years). He showed his merit, by not balling it up, got into his groove, but we had no power, as the car would just labor down the straights. Finished up 5th overall, 2nd in SU.
We knew we had to get our sh*t together for Sun, as we got our butts kicked a bit. Ran back to Stockton & got some more tires, & exhaust gaskets.
Sun Don & Carey got the exhaust fixed, I took a shot at fixing the motor, & Chris headed off for practice. He was a happy camper, as the car ran much better. Qualified 5 sec faster with a 1:43. Started on pole, got beat into turn 2 by the fast red Camaro, but outbraked him into turn 11 on lap 2. Said goodby to the field as the car would go anywhere he wanted. Backed her down to stay out of trouble as SP is brutal on cars, (the bone yard had about 10 cars balled up in it), got the first win in the books, all in all, a good weekend at the races.
Much thanks to the crew, Don, Shawn, Cary, Jim, Darrell, and everyone who helps out, Hoosier, All Pro Coatings, Superlite Cars. Also good to see SLC owners Howard, & Tim, had fun hanging out with them. Ron also brought his GTM out, so we really had a good group!
Car attracted lots of attention, as usual.

Sonoma weekend.

I flew in Sat morning so Darrell Andersen practiced and qualified the car. We tried a new tire compound which wasn't as good as what we had tested previous, so we put him back on the old tires and he promptly put it on the pole for Saturday's race but near the end of qualifing was saying the car wasn't pulling as it should. The guys jumped right in and tried to diagnose the fix the car for the race. I get in on the pole on a track I hadn't been on in 3 years, no pressure. I led for about 4 laps but the car was down on power and I didn't manage traffic very well so we came home third. Immediately crew jumps in and more diagnosing and work saturday night and early sunday morning. Ted and Don think they have it right so we head out for morning practice. 'Holy $h!t' you guys fixed it alright its a rocketship and more than 4 secs quicker than saturday. Qualifying goes well and we put it on the pole again. We were out powered into turn 1 by the stockcar but I put the heat on him and he'd already over cooked his rears by T10 and I drive by and away from the field. Managed traffic much better, handling changes allowed us to put the car whereever we wanted in the corners and cruised to a pretty dominating finish.

Proud of Ted and Don, they really built a good piece. Thanks to those who helped out over the weekend, Darrell, Jim, Cary and John as well as some new friends and SLC owners Howard and Tim. We had an issue and they guys dove in and remedied the situation. Thanks guys, my job is easy cause you guys do yours so well.