Team QRP

Rob, I'll be down there on Sat at 10 AM. I have some extra tickets if you want one or two. The car is on the first floor down from the ticket booth. We are in the free part.
Ted & Cary - great to see you guys today. It was really helpful to see some of the details for a few things I've been debating how to do on my car, like latches, rear view mirrors & inner headlight covers (Don made a mold for a cover). Don also fabricated a pretty clever way to make the side 1-piece door windows removable btw if anyone is curious on how to make that happen.

There was a steady crowd around the car. The guys were super patient in answering all sorts of questions and letting people get in and out of the car. Besides almost winning the 25 Hours, you can't get better free (aside from time & gas spent) publicity for these cars. I was pretty surprised that there wasn't any RCR/Superlite branding there, though Ted certainly always said what the source of the car is and had it listed in his flyers as well.


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There would have been branding if I had known it was going to be on display..heck even Mesa that's a local, did not know about the show......regardless its a Superlite SLC and looks damn fine...
Tim, do tell.
Sure! So if you take a look at photos of the side/door of the car, you'll see and orange L-shaped piece that runs along the front and top of the door. It's about 1.5" wide all around. Here's what Don did:
1) Use the window as a template to cut out those orange L-shaped pieces in metal (not sure if steel or aluminum).
2) Cut about 3/4 to 1" of the window front and top edge off where it is underneath the newly cut mounts.
3) Powdercoat/paint orange. Obviously.
4) Attach the mounts with rivets using the trimmed pieces of 3/4 - 1" lexan as spacers between the body.
5) Now you can slide the window into the mounts. It does scratch it a little but it's not visible when the window is in the mounts.
6) The latch at the bottom is hard to describe without a picture, but it's located roughly in the middle of the lower edge on the inside of the window. It pushes onto the inside of the door, thus forcing the window onto the outside of the car when engaged. You can release it from the outside via a finger-sized hole.

The window seemed very snug. I hope this makes sense. I'll consider doing something like this once I'm looking at mounting windows after it's on the road.

There would have been branding if I had known it was going to be on display..heck even Mesa that's a local, did not know about the show......regardless its a Superlite SLC and looks damn fine...
Was that thanks for spending 4 days promoting your products? I'm not sure.
What a great team to work with. Everybody on this team is so generous. Ted gave up several days of work and personal time to come show the car. Ted and Don both share their knowledge freely. We all answered questions and let the people sit in the car. My friend Heidi said we the first race car ever to let people sit in the car. I wish I had a dollar for all the pictures that were taken of smiling people sitting in the car. We had a couple of local SLC builders stop by and check out the car. Chris thanks for your generosity too. I think only one little kid peed in the car. These guys are fun to work with. Thanks for letting me join the adventure. Here is a link to Don driving the car in. [ame=""]SLC move in - YouTube[/ame]


Boy, hey. Now THAT is taking the wrong turn to get to the Hilton check in!

Interesting, the way in is from the street that served as the straight for the San Jose Indy Car race that was held here. Poor little blue car musta got lost.
Team QRP will be headed to Sonoma Feb 16th for the first round of the WERC. 2 hour race that starts at 3pm on Sunday. All welcome to come hang out.
I'll be up there riding my shifter kart in the afternoon, so if you have a driver drop out, I'll be warmed up and ready to go :)

Look forward to seeing the car and meeting you guys. Expect me to climb all over your car and pester you with questions.