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If you like Muddy Waters, start digging into some of the other folks who never made it out of Mississippi, innit. RL Burnside (post above is one). T-Model Ford. Lonnie Pitchford. And the incredible Junior Kimbrough:

Junior Kimbrough - All Night Long - YouTube

I've been to Holly Springs. OUt of this world place. And yet, even the likes of Mr. Morton and Mr. Keith would be welcomed with open arms there! Innit....

Just to show our age difference :) :-

Radiohead - House of Cards

Radiohead - House of Cards - YouTube

Having said that, even though I am a white cracker, I have had a love affair with Blues and Jazz ever since I bought my first Muddy Waters album aged 12 :)
What about....

Iron Maiden-Number of the Beast

It was my motorcycle racing number:


On the GT40 I have a 6, but there are actually 3 six'es on the car (don't want to offend anyone in the street/neighbourhood):

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