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I am often asked what music I like and the simple answer is 'everything'

Having spent 50 years in the music business I've come through many eras but I don't particularly have a favourite one. Not really interested in 'nostalgia' though, you know, when someone estimates your age and assumes you'd like something from when you were a kid.

I call BS on that.

Anyway, here's one of my favourites. Been around for about 10 years now and one of the best things to come out of Canada IMO. They are headlining Glastonbury for the first time this year and I would have really liked to go and see them. Tickets are not an issue as I am a former Arena Manager there, but health is.

I will make a bet however. Whatever you think of their music, I am willing to bet a fiver to a wet fag end that they would be hated by quite a few regular members of the Paddock for one particular reason... :)

Arcade Fire

[ame=""]Arcade Fire - Reading Festival 2010 | full set, 720p - YouTube[/ame]


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Robert S.

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Here's an original song performance I helped produce

There's a story connected with every song. Here's a brief version of this song's story.

I first met Doug when he moved into our neighborhood 18-years ago. He was an upbeat guy with modest low profile personality. He owned his own pool cleaning company. A few years later, he stepped by and asked me if I wanted some tickets to front row seats at an America (The band) concert. I said that sounded too good to be true, and I asked why he was so generous. He said he acquired them for free, and oh by the way, was employed full-time for America and travelled with them for 15-years. I was more dumb struck than I normally am.

So, we spoke about some of his adventures with them, and mentioned they'll probably call him up on stage to play guitar with them. I had to believe it 'cause I was going to be there. As it turned out, they did give him a grand welcome, and big thanks for being with them, and called him up on stage. Doug is an extremely gifted guitar player, music and lyric writer, and so it is.

Doug wrote this song about Brad Paisley and Doug's life. The lyrics and footage we shot helps tell the story. Doug correctly described his song as a comical reflection on Brad Paisley.

We set-up a kind-of stage in our association's clubhouse. We had a few stage lights, but no spot lights. I rendered believable spot lights in Adobe After Effects CS6 post edit. I used my HD video cam for #1 camera on tripod. My employee and good friend Hector used a Cannon D5 Mark III for Camera #2. I edited the audio, sound effects, and video in Adobe Premiere CS6. I used both After Effects and Premiere for color correction to match the two camera images.

Hope you like, Robert Sackett

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Jim Rosenthal

Jim, you have way too many guitars. At one time, I had six. Now that I have only two (that I really use) I play a great deal more. I have not seen any guitar yet that I would prefer to my old Les Paul or my 66 Telecaster. They will do anything I need or want to do.

Jim Rosenthal

If you like Joe Bonamassa, an excellent player, listen to Robben Ford. Just a really fine tasty player with virtuoso chops and amazing knowledge. I first heard him in 1973 or 74 with George Harrison- he was terrific then, at 19 or 20, and is even better now.