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Jim Rosenthal

Your list of the ten greatest white blues guitar players left off:

1) Mike Bloomfield
2) Danny Gatton
3) Robben Ford

What you really have there is a list of the top thirteen white blues guitarists with the first three left off... far as great blues records, put the first two Paul Butterfield Blues Band records first, then everyone else- regardless of color or origin.

If you want to hear the three mentioned above, listen to PBBB, or "East-West", ANY Danny Gatton album, but especially "Unfinished Business" or "Redneck Jazz", and to hear Robben Ford at his bluesiest, "Talk To Your Daughter" It's never been done better than these three guys do it, although many tried. And any guitar player who saw Danny Gatton live came away feeling like he had been in the presence of God. Myself included.

Doug S.

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Mike Finnigan!

Written by Ray Charles, but done much better by Mike Finnigan:

Mike Finnigan Hard Times (Who knows better than I?) - YouTube

Another written by a black blues artist (most attribute it to Son House), but certainly covered better by Finnigan:

crazed hipsters.mpg - YouTube

He played on Jimi Hendrix's "Electric Ladyland" album....he's been around for a long time, just under the radar.

Hard to get much better than Jonny Lang, too.....:thumbsup:

Cheers, Doug!!
Hendrix's "Little Wing" or SRV's instrumental version, either is good. Blind Faith's "In the Presence of the Lord", Blood Sweat & Tears' "God Bless the Child", Little Feat's "Rock and Roll Doctor", and finally, I have to agree with Veek's choice of "St James Infirmary" ( I chose this one for a 'Sunday in the Park' series we played - same intro ).
Have to cover this tonight at a party, and found this cool version. Check it out!

[ame=]Summer of 69 - hindi version - YouTube[/ame]
I had a particularly enjoyable chillout the other evening, dusting off the old vinyl.

Yes: Going for the one. Magical and worth sharing for those who may not have heard it.

[ame=]Yes - Going For The One - YouTube[/ame]
IMO some quite good songs while driving at speed:

- "Radar Love" by Golden Earring
[ame=]Golden Earring - Radar Love (Paaspop 2012) - YouTube[/ame]

- "Highway Star" by Deep Purple
[ame=]Deep Purple - Highway Star[Original Live] - YouTube[/ame]

- "Speed King" by Deep Purple
[ame=]Deep Purple - Highway Star[Original Live] - YouTube[/ame]

- "Time Machine" by Black Sabbath
[ame=]Black Sabbath - Time Machine (Wayne's World version) - YouTube[/ame]

- "Stand up and shout" by Dio
[ame=]Dio - Stand Up And Shout - YouTube[/ame]

- "Can´t drive 55" by Sammy Hagar
[ame=]Sammy Hagar - I Can't Drive 55 (Live at Farm Aid 1985) - YouTube[/ame]