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That keeps me driving

[ame=""]Billy Cobham - Tommy Bolin - Stratus - YouTube[/ame]

Billy is a machine

Tommy and Jan are awsome and if you want to hear them battling than this tune is for you And their instruments are so close to what represent the spirit of our cars as well ( Les Paul and Minimoog)


And if it needs to be more classic than this one is mine

[ame=""]Molly Hatchet - "Dreams I'll Never See" - YouTube[/ame]



More blues, this time outstanding down and out rythm from another that left us too soon. Janis Joplin...

[ame=]What Good Can Drinkin' Do - 1962 Young Janis Joplin [Live] - YouTube[/ame]


Larry L.

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I'll "see" your Sinead O'Conner and raise you Judith Durham:

[ame=]Judith Durham Danny Boy (With introduction To Song) 1968 - YouTube[/ame]

If you can still see your monitor when the above vid ends, derz muss be sumptin wrong wiff yuz.


Oh dear. I posted that last year as I thought it had merit, and as a fan a tribute to not only 9/11, also the last appearance by John Entwhistle, but regretfully, received little appreciation but instead got a lot of diatribe from across the pond about Townsend being quote: "A Kiddy Fiddler".

Not charged not guilty but that's not enough for some of the brave American progressives.

I will not post such stuff again - life is far too short.