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[ame=]John Coltrane A Love Supreme Vinyl - YouTube[/ame]


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The stuff of which dreams are made of!

[ame=]Rob Paparozzi w/ Mark Naftalin & Ed Palermo's Big Band Tribute to Paul Butterfield "Driftin' Blues" - YouTube[/ame]


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Joe Bonamassa live.
This guy can play a Les Paul.

[ame=]'Joe Bonamassa 'India/Mountain Time' live 08 - YouTube[/ame]

Pete McCluskey.

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Hi since I retired two years ago to keep from vegetating and to challenge myself I took up learning Guitar. I'm fairly catholic in my taste with a leaning towards the blues. I have a Fender American Strat, and now want to present myself for Christmas with an acoustic electric, preferably slim line. Suggestions and recommendations please boys.
Before you ask I'm a crap player but love it.


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A marvellous choice of guitar if I may say so. An heirloom piece.
I didn't realise how serious that you were taking your hobby.
AND it's Australian !
Enjoy it mate.
Here's one for you guys in bands; We're covering the following song, which fades at the end. How would you end it for a live situation. We came up with a solution that worked for us, and I will reveal it if anyone replies with their own ideas.

[ame=]Squeeze - Tempted - YouTube[/ame]
I had forgotten how good some of Mike Oldfields creations were.


[ame=]Mike Oldfield - Man In the Rain - YouTube[/ame]

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