Opinions on the most beautiful cars of all time

I would like to gather some opinions from this forum on which cars they consider the most beautiful of all time. The criteria should be based on:
1. Overall beauty
2. How revolutionary it was at the time.
3. How it holds up to the test of time.
To start us off with I will provide
1. GT40
2. Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale
3. Ferrari 330 P4
4. Aston Martin DB9
5. Lamborghini Aventador
Don't forget the Lamborghini Miura, A truly stunning car that is still as beautiful today as when it was released, if not more so.

Nor should we forget the E type Jag. half the price of anything comparable and still has beautiful lines. A car that when released took the world by storm.

These two are truy iconic cars.

Jeff Young

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1. Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer
2. Lamo Miura
3. 71-74 Dodge Charger
4. Maserati Ghibli (like it beter than a Ferrari Daytona)
5. Triumph TR8 (there, I said it..and meant it)

Jim Craik

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Alfa GTV step nose
The front 2/3 of the Mangusta
The little Ferrari Dino 206S
XKE coupe
Ferrari 250P
Ferrari 312 T3
Dauer 962
Black JPS Lotus GP
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5. Triumph TR8 (there, I said it..and meant it)
The noted Italian designer upon seeing the TR8 on the motorshow stand walked around the car and cried "Christ, they've done it to this side also!!!!"

Lambo P400 Miura for sure.
GT40 (an admitted influence on the above by designer Gandini)
First year Buick Riviera, best GM design ever
1961-63 Lincoln Continental for the barge catagory (although they really are not that big)
Alfa T33 Stradale
Ferrari Lusso or maybe the P4
Cord 810

Pete McCluskey.

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Ferrari 250 L.M.
Jaguar XKE MK1
Lamborghini Countach.
Jaguar D type
1965 Mustang Fastback
Ferrari 355 F1
Ferrari Dino
Ferrari 458 Italia.
Aston Martin Vantage.
1. Bugatti , no not the Veyron .
....but rather the type 35
2. Plymouth Super Bird / Dodge Daytona
3. Cord 810
4. Auburn Boat-tail Speedster
5. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ( this car can do everything but keep you dry in a rain storm )
6. Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gull-wing
7. VW Bettle / Ford Model T ( I'm sure you can see the similarity )
8. Hudson Hornett
9. Mini ( the original one )
10. Tucker

And what about the McLaren F1? Is there anything better, and will ever be something better?

A pure engineer car, with all the technical refinements and, a lovely shape, even years after.

I remember reading in a magazine that even the exhaust had a "structural" function, acting like an energy absobption unit in case of rear crash... The kind of thing that, IMHO won't never be superseed by any conolly leather, nor rear view camera, track control...

When I win the lottery, it will be on the top of my list, with also:

Lotus seven S2
M3 E30 Evo2
Porche 906
Spyder 550A
Alfa 8C (the new one)
Aston DBR9

Plus a few dozen of others...
The AC Ace was quite a pretty car. Some hot rodders played around with it a bit but the underlying beauty remained. ;)

Please excuse any facetiousness that may be apparent in this post. The original post did ask for opinions after all. ;)

As proof that beauty is in the eye if the beholder, although I really like the McLaren F1 I don't think it's good looking.

F40 is great looking IMO, also the Aston Martin DBR1.

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