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Rockin it out there Marcus. Good man!

My favourite Sabbath song is War Pigs.

Sammy Hagar was my first ever concert as a punter. Memories.

Charlie Farley

Spot the second 6 string player....

[ame=]Stanley Jordan - Eleanor Rigby - YouTube[/ame]
R.I.P. to one of the greatest voices, ever.

[ame=]George Jones - LIVE "He Stopped Loving Her Today" - YouTube[/ame]

Jim Rosenthal

One More Heartache!!!!!!!!!!

I have only ever been able to find ONE cover version of OMH- and that's the one my own band did years ago on a CD with my friend and blues singer Kathe Reavis. In a CD of fourteen tunes, that was the hardest one to get down on "tape". Wow. I hadn't thought about it in ages.....
Its funny how the OMH bass riff is difficult for some to get. For a while, when we auditioned a bass player, we would ask them to play it after hearing it. Amazing how it baffled so many. Easy way to take the wheat from the chaff .

Seems like we have the same tastes, Jimbo. I know that harp solo note for note.

Jim Rosenthal

It IS difficult. The bass player that I used, Steve Wolf, had been the go-to bassist in the Danny Gatton Band years ago and really knows his stuff- all the session musicians were much better than me. I wrote the horn parts for the tune and did some of the solos, but the longest solo is on a soprano sax (not me, I am not a reed player) If you PM me your surface mail address, I'll send you a CD with OMH on it. Like you say, it is not an easy tune to play. I hope we did a good job.

Years ago, Robben Ford, who is a big fan of Butterfield and Bloomfield, did a cover CD of BBB tunes. I do not think they tackled OMH, but I may be wrong.
Once was in a band with Tim Bogert and we both loved OMH. He loved the Smokey Robinson version, I loved Butter, he hated it. Don't think that band ever played it live because of that, but we were friends anyway. What do you play?
this has to be one of my all time favourites, but it has to be loud.
[ame=]Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath (Original) - YouTube[/ame]

cheers John