Which watch do you wear?

Randy V

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Me -
Timex Iron-Man Triathalon with velcro band..
$29 and I don't need to worry about getting my arm broken at a traffic light...

Be careful out there...
As a day to day watch (not in dress watch condition) I wear a very old Tag Heuer Professional that has proved very tough (chopping firewood, etc.).


My wrist mounted timing device has kept perfect synchronosity these past 65 years. It is always one hair past one freckle.
The Urwerk watches are really impressive, but also VERY expensive.

@ Molleur: I do. I thought as we all like the beautifull things in life, like our car, some of us might also share a passion with watches. Watches and sportcars are connected in many ways and share a long time history. But, as by your comment, this passion doesn't go for you.

Ian Anderson

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I wear a Casio digital sailing watch that my grandmother gave me for my 21st birthday!
So 29 years on and only 3 batteries it is still perfect - still waterproof

It's great to get a watch from a relative. It just gives it that extra sentimental value.

When I turned 18 I got my fathers watch, which he had for 20 years. It's the Omega Speedmaster (first watch worn on the moon). He actually bought the watch in 1969.
I still have it and is (after a recent service) in excellent condition!


I love watches....

THis is my current one:-

I couldn't afford it, but it was something I'd always wanted as a kid, so what the hell... :)

Ron Earp

I'm not much of a watch guy either. I've always had a watch, but they've been practical "working man" watches that I wear full time and abuse. The one I have now has been everywhere with me - learned to fly with it, learned to race, fishing, boating, working on stuff, swimming, running, etc - I never leave home with out it and there isn't anything I won't do while wearing it. And it still keeps perfect time.

I probably wouldn't get on too well with one of these high end watches. Having a watch that is worth more than the car I'm racing would be tough to justify but I suppose that could be fixed with a more expensive car! Not to say I don't appreciate some of the high end watches, some of them look nice, but I think they'd be a bit impractical for my use and abuse.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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Timex Indiglo....cheap and effective.

Every "decent" watch I have ever owned (and "decent" is NOT read as "expensive") I have destroyed or for some reason my skin chemistry seems to rot the watch cases, so I choose not to spend big. Every once in a while I get the hankering for a "better" watch but when I look at the prices I go into "wine and pizza" mode. i.e. "could buy a lot of XXXX for that money so I never pull the trigger.

I appreciate the quality and beauty of a "fine watch" but I'm just too cheap.

And the greatest thread involving cars, fine watches and high entertainment is found here:


Lots of fun if you have some time to waste!

Fran Hall RCR

For my 40th birthday...my wife and kids bought me one of these....
Tag Heuer Monaco Gulf Limited edition
I only wear it at car type events...too nice to beat up...