Spf 2317

Ron Scarboro

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I guess it is time to out myself. As I've learned more and more about the cars (owning CAV170) I started to fall in love with the look of the early cars and wanted more originality (RHD, narrow tail, etc). After selling my CAV I purchased a SPF Chassis.

It has shipped and will arrive at Olthoff in mid December.

As of now, I'm looking at the following:

305ci vintage 289 block
Gurney Eagle heads
RBT Transaxle

More to follow...




Ron Scarboro

GT40s Supporter
I'll change stuff over to make a bit more original over time.

The car will be ultimately fitted with Borranis as soon as the factory has the fitment and splines.

Engine covers will be done by Olthoff (to be like the early cars
I have a CAV ammeter and a correct fuel gauge
Seats will be swapped to the rip-stop like material.

Maybe Girling brakes one of these days.
Maybe original seats someday.

Certainly will be fun.

Steve Smith

Hey Ron, congratulations on the SPF! As the new owner of #170, I can certainly attest to (and benefited from) your desire for originality. What chassis# are you going to model? I'll be in the Concord area over Christmas and been wanting to get up to Olthoff's. I'll try to get up there and take a look at your car.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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I have been holding off posting about this exciting chassis until Ron was ready to spill the beans. This is now in the container and on the way!

The ripstop material for the seats was sent to South Africa over two months ago....of course the South African Post Office is on strike and the package can't clear customs! So we will exchange the seats once the factory receives the material. The gauge bezels will be swapped for the bright bezels and some other details will be handled by Dennis Olthoff during the completion.

This is the second Superformance Ron has bought from us, he got one of the very first SPF MK II "FIA" cars and had it built out to make a really nice car.

The hubs to accommodate the Borrani wires are in the works and they will also be swapped out to allow use of the gorgeous alloy rim wire wheels as used by the original FAV street coupes.

All in all this will be a really neat build and will make a fabulous ride!

Congrats to Ron from Time Machines Motorsports.
Glad to see there is another Greenie in the crowd. Did you have much trouble getting the color matched, or a sample?? It took me over a month and a lot of correspondence across the pond to finally find an owner who would furnish a sample. I also got lucky and found a color chip sheet on line for the 60-61 Anglia. They matched perfectly.


Ron Scarboro

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I actually didn't like local spray outs of Linden Green. This is Auratium Green a Porsche color from the 356s of the late 50s.

Ron Scarboro

GT40s Supporter
Ron, looks stellar. Very "old school". Nice job snagging those heads. Will Dennis dyno it?
Bill Parham of Southern Automotive built my Cobra motor, but sadly de passed away some weeks ago. Dennis is going to quote me as is a local NASCAR builder. I'll definitely dyno the car.

Ron Scarboro

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A favor...

Collins took down all the photos of 1043, so if you have pics of original road car interiors, please post here.