Spf 2317

Larry L.

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"...the right wheels and she’ll be ready for the road."

What's wrong with the ones already on it??? Are they scuffed up a bit? Or do you maybe intend to go with MKI 6-spokes...or...?

'Tires (especially the L.F.) do look a bit sad, but...
What width are your rears Ron?
They are 15X10 w/295-50R15.

Vintage Wheels are making a set of 15X7.5 and 15X9 for me. Going to glass bead them so that they resemble the magnesium wheels of old.

The front spacing on the rears of 7.375" for the 15X10, but will be 6.5" for the 15X9. Also going to 275-55R15 Avons on the rear. Between the wheels and tires, I should get around 1 3/8" of inset total. They're sticking out about 1" now.

Still going to go Borrani for the road as soon as I get the hubs.
I heard he had left. Its good he's still around, tell him I said hi! My car was done at Olthoff's and I made it out a couple times and spent quite a bit of time with Paul on my car, great guy!
Paul said high back. Paul is really a credit to the community. A real fan of the cars, and his fabrication skills are truly ridiculous.




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GT40 Column Flasher Switches 01.jpg
I have these.
The 5-way switch is a Ford item and the cigar lighter is an illuminated "Casco".
Look for an early marque Jaguar for the ashtray. It was made by Wilmott Breedon, I have a photo of mine somewhere.
The flasher stalk switch is Lucas.
The demister vents are from an early pre-facelift Zephyr. Ask Charley Farley about the side eyeball vents.
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Well James you are a treasure trove. Picked up the ashtray and cigarette lighter.
The indicator stalk will,take some searching and I have an email into Charley.

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If you mean the Lucas 31835 stalk it is only a momentary switch for flashing or sometimes activating an overdrive relay.
They are very rare and expensive as the Mini Cooper boys like them.
This Lucas unit is LONG and protrusive and if you have a 14" steering wheel it will get in the way when you exit or enter your cockpit.
We have seen many bent ones because of this and did the same to one of ours recently.
I have some shorter ones which from memory are about 6" long, I will dig them out and show you the difference.