Rob's RCR40 Build


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Hi MReid,
Heck...I'm just trying to keep up with the Jones. There's a whole bunch of RCR builders making me feel like a big slacker...:eek:

Yes, I have decided. It will be......gulf.....yes I know a bunch of you just said.....uuuhhhh..... But I have always wanted one. Minor twist is it will be like 1076 from 69 LeMan, with the single stripe.


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Well didn't get as much done today as has hoped. Too much normal life stuff slowed me down...couple oil wanted slip and slide set up....blah blah. Anyway Mr. Miagi would probably have said I did enough "wax on wax off" for one day anyway. Did it long enough to get sun burned that's for sure....:mad:

Rear clip is just about done. Now that I can see a shiny surface on them (i.e. smooth and wet) I am really pleased with how the flares turned out.


Randy V

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I'm so darned jealous!!! :)

I love the Stripe on the inside too!! It's now part of my plan!! :)
the car's looking great, i love the blacked headlight buckets. did you use black, or a dark blue to outline the stripe?


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Thanks guys....
Turned out to be the most time consuming paint job I have done to date. I tried a new method for the stripe work. Either brilliant or idiotic.... jury still out. I'll decide during wet sanding.... I painted the colors next to each other, rather than on top of one another. The goal was to eliminate any material thickness build so there was "no" rise at all in the clear coat. What a monumental PIA. ~ 23 hours of accumulative taping time over Sun & Mon. I ended up having to take a vaca day on Mon. to finish. Well..actually not done yet. Had a bunch of bugs find there way into the garage, and didn't want to permanently preserve them in the clear coat, so decided to stop. I'll start wet sanding on Sat and hopefully shoot again on Sunday.

Randy, Glad to hear others think it's cool too. It has kinda turned into one of my trade marks. Done it that way for about the past 8 years. (The tape work underside also added significantly to the above belley aching re time taken.) I dig the view from behind when the lid is up. Here's a shot of the Daytona Coupe done the same way.

Mark, I took a little builder's liberty with the pin stipe, I did it in black. Really don't like it in blue. Shhh.... don't tell anyone...



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Orange was DBC 60812
Stripe width was established by reviewing pics and referencing relative size to windshield duct and dzus fasteners. It is 10 3/8" wide, 11 1/8" including the pin stripes. Don't know if this is "correct", but aesthetically I believe it is proportionately accurate.
Rob, that looks fantastic! I can't wait to see it reassembled. You should be very proud and if I ever meet you in person, I promise not to say, 'hey, that's not original, your pinstripe is black." Cheers!

I just noticed that your stripe and pin stripe has to just nip the top of the doors. That must have been tough to layout!



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Thanks for the comments and for cutting the slack on the color... ;)

Got quite a bit done this weekend, well .... at least a few time consuming jobs..

A/C evaporator is hung, roll cage and dash are installed, and rear bulkhead is installed.

Spider and drive train should be done next weekend.


i also have a rcr 40 with the same air con assembly as you but im bit confused.
where have you connected the 2 brass tubes to that come from the evaporator?
there also appears to be a brass threaded connection that needs connecting and
as fran is away im looking for some guidance/

by the way, ive been watching your build and used some of your earlier ideas into
my car.